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Slope Management

We sell neither snow groomers nor snow guns. Our main area of expertise is slope management and geo-management. We offer tailored solutions and are Independent of any specific manufacturer. Our System can be installed in any type of piste machine or vehicle.

As a solution provider in the field of SlopeManagement we do not offer you only hardware and software, we accompany you during the whole project with comprehensive services – ranging from terrain survey and data selection to project’s financing!



You can raise piste preparation to a whole new level of quality with Snow Hight Measurement. In addition to extensive assistance for the driver, the piste manager also enjoys the benefits of a direct piste status report. When it comes to decision-making, this ensures an objective basis for the entire piste team. Avoid dirt in the snow, poor snow distribution and laborious searching for cavities and track borders. ARENA Snow Height Measurement perfectly supports the expertise of your piste professionals, giving you greater efficiency and improved piste quality.


Your benefits

  • Planning reliability and early start of the season
  • Snow security and slope quality
  • Saving resources and protecting the environment
  • Cost reduction and increased operating results


The scalable, web-based ARENA Management Platform allows the compilation, display and analysis of measured snow height data, providing the basis for day-to-day decision-making as well as long-term planning. This makes it possible to ensure optimum piste quality while at the same time minimising costs. It goes without saying that the ARENA Management Platform has been designed and developed for integration in third-party systems. In practical terms this means that you can continue to use the piste machine’s GPS hardware when switching to the ARENA Management Platform.


Your benefits

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Clear snow height map, interactive measurement of
    snow volume and snow height
  • Visualisation of snow height development over time
  • MasterPLAN functionalities for selective control of
    snow-making and preparation based on
    predefi ned criteria


Here´s how it works:



Manual work reports and analyses are now a thing of the past. ARENA Fleet Management gives you excellent control over all the necessary operating and safety indicators relevant to your fleet. Whether piste machine, Ski-Doo, quad, car or construction machine – all vehicle types can be fitted with modern hardware. In addition to providing the current position and performance of all vehicles, it is also possible to extensively analyse and combine all events.


Your benefits

  • Live tracking of the position and operating state
    of all vehicles
  • Electronic driver detection
  • Dashboard with performance indicators
  • Increased operating safety on site
  • Monitoring and user profiles
  • Efficient operational planning and analysis
  • Documentation and legal security in case of accidents
  • Cost reduction and increased operating results




The unique ARENA Piste Rescue heralds a new age in accident victim care. The current position and availability of piste rescue team members is relayed and documented in real time, making collaboration between operations management and rescue teams more e cient. The system registers all personnel data, enabling more rescue operations to be invoiced correctly. Visual analyses of accident frequency are provided, filtered by type of injury and weather conditions, as well as statistic analyses of all accident data.


Your benefits

  • State-of-the-art outdoor smartphones with
    high-performance battery for continuous GSM
    and GPS operation
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Coordinates of accident site and documentation including
    image, text and sound
  • Chronological mapping of the rescue chain
  • Coordination of the team via live map
  • Identification of accident hotspots
  • Multilingual modular kit for generation of accident reports
    and checklists
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