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Central and clearly structured

Geo management

Our GIS products enable you to set up your geodata infrastructure in an ideal way on three different platforms – desktop, web and mobile devices. We offer you standard ESRI products, as well as customized SynerGIS software. Moreover, we distribute precise surveying equipment for field work.



Ski pistes, lifts, buildings, power lines, snow-making points – each object has its precisely determined place on the ground surface. The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) produced by world market leader ESRI – established for decades – help manage the content of multiple plans in a uniform system, displaying them clearly according to the issue concerned and therefore maintaining a clear overview of all the infrastructure elements located within your skiing area.


Your benefits

  • Central, clearly structured management of spatial
    data from a range of different sources
  • Plan drawings can be extended to include freely
    definable feature data
  • Rapid generation of high-quality maps and plans in
    pre-configurable layouts
  • Improved communication with land owners and
    authorities based on precise and comprehensibly
    present location data
  • Saves time and costs on construction projects



The GNSS solutions provided by our partner companies allow you to take care of surveying work yourself. whether your are documenting infrastructure work during the construction phase, simply locating cavities and track borders under snow or surveying terrain changes to the nearest centimetre. The use of global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) on mobile devices means you can always be sure of finding the right position.


Your benefits

  •  Seamless and correctly positioned documentation
    of infrastructure elements
  • Saves time and costs on surveying work
  • Location of infrastructure elements even after
    completion of construction work or under snow
  • Safety in connection with excavation work
  • Simplification of maintenance work




We provide the necessary expertise for optimum use of your geodata and we support you in establishing, structuring, updating, analysing and visualising your database. Draw on our experience and know-how to transform your geodata into a valuable source of information and a basis for decision-making.


Your benefits

  •  Support in carrying out survey work
  • Integration of survey and planning data from
    external project partners in your GIS
  • Processing and conversion of geodata for sharing with external project partners (e.g. planners)
  • Data analysis and data blending
  • Analysis of snow height measurement data as a basis for further decisions (identification of problem spots, piste border derivation, analysis of seasonal preparation progress)
  • Project support in the development of web
    applications (ArcGIS Online)
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