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We started out in the geographical information systems segment and then formed as PowerGIS GmbH back in 1996. Our high standards in the area of innovation and optimisation, which demands constant development as a company, quickly brought us forward and allowed us to lay the foundations in 2006 for our main expertise today - "ARENA slope management"!

Ten years later, the experience we have gained has turned us into pros and shown us that slope management is about more than just the technology behind it.

What it really comes down to is people and processes - this is what allows a continuous improvement process and collective progress. Our success concept is based on togetherness - internally and externally - and therefore on a strong customer relationship. Because only together can we achieve snow guarantee, slope quality and an inhibited enjoyment out on the snow whilst, at the same time, conserving resources in the face of climate change. We stand for continual value creation and safeguarding jobs in winter tourism.

ARENA Team | © ARENA, Simon Back
Das ARENA Team | © ARENA, Simon Back


The secret behind any successful company is a team that works passionately and enthusiastically towards improving together. We are constantly striving to find the best solution for you as a competent partner in the field of slope management and geo-management!


Horst Weber

Head of Innovation & Development
Maximilian Mündler | © ARENA, Simon Back

Maximilian Mündler

Head of GeoManagement

Alexander Klausegger


Julia Siemens


Tim Kleineberg

Head of SlopeManagement
Christopher Öttl | © ARENA, Simon Back

Christopher Öttl

Technical Support SlopeManagement
Thomas Henschel | © ARENA, Simon Back

Thomas Henschel

Technician & Support SlopeManagement
Thomas Henschel
Technician & Support SlopeManagement

Tim Steinmann | © ARENA, Simon Back

Tim Steinmann

Technician &Support SlopeManagement
Maike Holz | © ARENA, Max Ganzer

Maike Holz

Executive Assistent to CEO & Office Management
Maike Holz
Executive Assistent to CEO & Office Management

Maximilian Ganzer

Head of ValueFactory
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