ARENA slope management was launched following extensive practical tests


The first tests began in the 2011/12 season. Even though there was no terrain data at the time, which is mandatory for a 100% project success, the management teams opted to test two different systems simultaneously. This means, the ARENA slope management was installed in Serfaus and the snowMeter system was used in Fiss. The precision of the measurements and the system availability during snow height measurement was precisely examined. The slope teams could also gain their first experience of handling GPS-based systems. At the end, it became apparent that the desired results would not be achieved without current measurement data. In summer 2012, measurement firm AVT was commissioned with flying over and measuring the ski resort.

The first current data was obtained from the 2012/2013 season. A photogrammetric photo flight was chosen for the new measurement. This involved two flights simultaneously. This meant we had the newest terrain data and up-to-date orthophotos for the slope management. A punctual start to the next season was therefore possible. As well as the new measurement data, there were also changes to systems used. In Fiss, the system was exchanged for SNOWsat and two snow groomers were also exchanged for SNOWsat in Serfaus. In Serfaus, ARENA slope management was also used in two snow groomers in the new season. The fleet management was also used by both providers from then on.

The decision was made following a direct system comparison. After the companies had invested in current terrain data, the course of action for 2012/2013 was clear. A decision was due at the end of the season. Besides the technology, its compatibility with the slope machine and data analysis was precisely evaluated in the office.

Although only Kässbohrer machines were used in Serafus-Fiss-Ladis, ARENA slope management scored points mainly for its manufacturer independence. The open system architecture also worked in the favour of ARENA slope management. And as the snow height data can be exchanged in real time between the machines, ARENA technology partner Topcon - described as a world-leading brand for machine control - proves once again that it can offer the right concepts for the cable car industry. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is therefore still on the road to success. In 2012, this destination won the "Best Ski Resort" award.


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