ARENA slope rescue boasts state-of-the-art technology and opportunities

Schmittenhöhebahn AG

The highly modern ARENA slope rescue system enables emergency services on the ski slopes to work more flexibly, be available faster and create full documentation. This new and improved comprehensive solution for slope rescue incorporates PowerGIS slope management, which has been successfully used on the Schmittenhöhe mountain for years already.

"We actually wanted a system that would show up areas of the slopes that are particularly accident prone", remembers Slope Manager Sepp Pichler. "A fine-tuned solution with many functions was born out of this that can be programmed to meet the individual needs of the skiing area". The smartphone app will record the personal data of the accident victims, which will allow rescue operations to be correctly invoiced. The control centre software contains visual analyses of accident frequency, filtered by type of injury and weather conditions, as well as statistic analyses of all accident data.

The system serves not just to document the actual data of the accident and coordinate the slope rescue teams, but it can also be used in a range of other applications. ARENA slope rescue is also used by the avalanche services in the skiing resort for documentation. "The varied and comprehensive nature of the system has brought us more efficiency and legal security", explains Sepp Pichler. "We record all the data, provide photo evidence of the incidents and scene of the accident and this means we can always draw on this documentation if disputes arise!"

Sepp Pichler, Slope Manager at the Schmittenhöhe
"When you have 700 incidents in a ski season, the advantages of the new one compared to the old are clear to anyone." Slope Manager Pichler is proud "that we at the cutting edge of technology. Reports of bad weather no longer need to be recorded by hand, we have a clearer overview of incidents and, thanks to GPS data, we can also give helicopters faster and more precise directions!"


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