ARENA is integral for day-to-day work


"In Mayrhofen and Kitzbühel, Planai is taking on a pioneering role with its use of slope management. Not having it in our daily work any more would be absolutely unthinkable; it makes life easier for both my team and myself. Thanks to slope management, we have made enormous progress in the area of communication - both internally and externally", explains Karl Höflehner. All facets of ARENA are used on the Planai: GIS expertise is just as much in demand as fleet management and snow height measurement. According to Höflehner, all three areas bring significant advantages: "It starts with the use of GIS, which enables us to document the underground infrastructure. Thanks to GIS, we have a sound basis for new projects. As 99% of our work is done on foreign ground, we need good, well-founded communication with the land owners and so really benefit from this comprehensive documentation. And, if a member of staff leaves the company, this knowledge stays with us."

ARENA is integral for day-to-day work
Fleet management on the Planai has now become a standard tool. All machines are equipped with it. "Without fleet management, the operational processes in their current form would be unthinkable. The precise logging and analysis of this were hugely profitable for us as the work processes can now be programmed to correspond to these findings. This means I can always see exactly how our fleet is moving and where improvements can be made. And, last but not least, clear documentation and analysis also contributes to safety - for all the teams and from a legal perspective. This factor should not be underestimated", says Höflehner.

Particularly the introduction of snow height measurement has brought about enormous improvement for the winter operations: "Always knowing exactly how much snow we have where - that was an enormous leap for us. This allows us to provide an even snow distribution and to swiftly compensate for the weaker areas - which improves the quality of the slope overall.


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